If you rearrange all the letters in the name ‘Liam Mead’, you can create the anagram ‘A Dilemma’.
Ironically, I consider myself to be a problem solver.

If this speaks to you,
speak to Mind

Agency: Langland
Role: Designer

Cannes Lions / 2023 / Bronze
D&AD / 2023 / Shortlist
PM Society / 2023 / 1 Gold + 1 Bronze
Communique / 2023 / Gold
LIA / 2023/ 2 Gold + 1 Bronze

Many communities feel disconnected from the mental health system. Communications fail to represent or resonate with them, meaning they don’t seek out the support they need. If This Speaks To You, Speak To Us changed that. Mind worked with Universal Music to pair real people with experiences of mental health challenges with breakthrough artists who shared a similar cultural background. The artists wrote and performed spoken word pieces representing the advisors’ mental health stories with authentic, relatable, representative voices.

We partnered artists with mental health advisors to create spoken word performances about the advisor’s mental health experience. For the first phase of the campaign, people were chosen to reflect different communities from around the country. 4 performances were created, these were performed by Jords, James, Lola and Adwaith telling the stories of Rohan, Mel, Mohammed and Gethin.

During Mental Health Awareness Week, we took passages from the performances and used them in digital and print OOH spaces. These were designed to be typographically led to bring attention to the performance passages. The Mind brand colours were used to reinforce the strong brand identity they have, helping cutting through the noise of other ad campaigns being shared in the spaces.