Kingston School of Art archive

An archive of work I did during my time as a student at Kingston.

Brief City

Inside the KSA Special Collection sat a VHS tape. The item could not leave the library and could only be rented out to review for 2 hours per day. There was no VHS system on campus to watch the contents of the tape. I discovered the contect of the tape and turned the film into the(Brief City Poster,)so people who are curious about the object can view it's content in the library. The poster has a screenshot of each cut in thefilm and the transcription of the narration, timed together in the poster’s layout. This made the content of the VHS now accessible for peoplewho were curious about it’s content.

Turning the film into a poster required capturing all the films screens, script and edit information. I created a design style that took from the film’s style, time and referencing it is a film. I created a design system to ensure a strong translation from film to poster. 

I found typefaces that were similar to the films typography. The film was screenshoted and I transscripted the film, timing the voiceover with the edits. These were laid out onto a poster with a specially designed grid system.

What is a Banana?

Through a process of describing and making, how far can an object change it’s form? I asked someone to write down the description of a banana. The only information omitted to be described was the object’s colour. I passed this description to a new participant and asked them to make what they thought the object was. The process would then repeat with the new object being made being the starting point. Each stage was either made of described by a new participant in the experiment. This process continued for one day.


With such a broad spectrum of designers and creatives produced on the   Kingston Graphic Design course, we wanted to create an End of Year Show which celebrated each studentas individuals.

UNITS celebrated the individuals in our year coming together to celebrate 3 years of perseverance and dedication to our work.


While on a trip to Amnseterdam, it was noted that we never heard any Dutch person speak their native language during the trip. More research revealed how phrases and statements get lost in translation as the Dutch use English so often. We explored these mis-translations in the publication Dunglish.  

Burger Bucks

Burger King centres the selling point of their burger’s taste to be the flame it is cooked on. They wanted to demenstrate how fire was better in a creative campaign. Burger Bucks gets audiences to use the fire within, translating anger into a bespoke BK currency that can be used to purchase items in store.  

The Impossible Trial

Photojournalist ‘Shawkan’ was imprisoned for taking a photo of a protest in Egypt. He was trapped in a rigged jail system where he didn’t have evidence against him to convict him, but was not being released from jail.   Amnesty International   wanted to gather support for his release.

We took to the streets of London to educate the public on Shawkan’s situation. We told Shawkan’s story with The Impossible Trial to help collect signatures for his release.

The Impossible Trial from Liam Mead on Vimeo.