Time to Target

Role: Designer

PM Society / 2023 / Silver + Bronze

At ESMO 2022, Merck wanted a booth that would stand out against others, showcasing the effectiveness of their products in the battle against cancer. We let HCPs hit back against cancer physically with ‘Time to Target’. Participants got a chance to hit back at cancer.

The event key visual featured a smashed background graphic with added grunge texture to emphasise the theme of smashing. The ‘Time to Target’ wordmark featured the brands custon typeface along with Verdana Black, with the word Target being sliced to show an impact on the visual.

We applied the smashing visual from the key visual to use as the centre of the booth design. We then adapted the brands cell pattern to layer the colours either side of the booth. Shashed shards were applied to the floor to direct people to the booth activation, with chevrons poiting to the tumour in the smashing area.

A series of online banners were created to promote the event booth via HCP websites in different teritories. They varied between GIFs and still versions depending on location. Taking from the colour pallete of the event identity, we continued through the smashing styled graphics used for the key visual to break through the usual clinical feel of traditional HCP sites.