with Rinesh Minstry

Ad You (styled +You) is a welcoming identity that invites individuality and expression. When looking at previous advertising industry campaigns, we found they don’t showcase the excellence UK advertising is known for. We aimed to create something relevant and directed specifically at a modern audience that promoted the industry in its best light. With almost half of the public saying advertising can positively effect change, but that it’s not doing enough, we wanted to focus on how bringing young people into the industry will accelerate this. Our strapline is ‘to be the change’ - a call to action motivating our audience to be the difference they want to see.

Each character in the logo has been meticulously chosen to be different, to reflect young people’s sense of imagination and identity. This ideology is at the heart of +You, paired with a vibrant, yet considered colour scheme that doesn’t come across intrusive or intimidating, truly resonating with the target demographic. We have also created a suite of versatile icons, that bring a playful yet stylistic aspect to +You, that can be applied to various collateral.

The styling of the word ‘Ad’ to a ‘+’ clearly communicates that we are welcoming young, motivated talent to join our world class industry. This unique verbal motif works as an ownable device that can be adapted to fit numerous messages.

To cater to the ever-changing and challenging perception of young people towards the world, we have developed a brand identity that can be easily adapted and used consistently. Our unique use of colour, typography, and iconography creates a visual language that can be tailored to various platforms without losing its authenticity.

We have carefully crafted our brand’s conversational yet informative tone of voice alongside it’s unpretentious aesthetic that enable us to engage with our target audience and adapt to socio-economic issues that shape the world around us. 

Our warm and welcoming visuals combined with the flexible device in our name allow for new adaptations to ensure the brand stays relevant and relatable moving forward.