Liam Mead

I can’t help myself. I will absolutely over-complicate the simplest of things. I will intentionally shove a needle in the hay stack and spend days and weeks trying to find it. I will probably miss the needle the first few times and be going through all my mess, making even more mess of the mess I have already made. I have people look at my mess and go ‘why have you made this so hard on yourself?’. But when I find the needle, with all the hay spread out as far as the eye can see, I try to laugh, put the hay bale back together and move on. Yes, I made a mess, but now I get to clean it up in my own way and get to add my own personality to it.

How to get hold of me:
@liam_doing_things (Instagram)
'Hey Liam, fancy a pint?'

Saboteur - The Odd Saboteur (Sept 2019 - Today)
Landor (Dec 2018) (2 weeks)
D&AD New Blood Academy (July 2018) (2 weeks)
Other: Primark (Retail Assistant and Supervisor) (April 2014-September 2016) (Therapy still needed)

Ba(Hons) Graphic Design 2019 [Kingston School of Art] 

RSA Student Design Awards 2019 (Commended) [The Grand Petition]
D&AD New Blood Awards 2018 Yellow Pencil Winner [Thwack!]
Most Likely to Succeed (Male) [West Exe Technology College Class of 2013 Prom]
Followed by [Twitter 2010]