Working in groups brings out your strengths and allows you to develop as a designer. During my 3 years at Kingston, I have had the pleasure to work with many people who have contributed to the development of my design practice. It feels only fair to give them acknowledgment on this page.  
Simon Finn!
Simon Finn is a designer currently living in Barcelona, Spain. Collaborating on the 3 Minute Wonder project and other smaller projects during our first and second years at Kingston, Simon's love for thinking triumphs through his work, with strengths in interaction and clear communication. 
Meg Barclay
Meg Barclay is a designer currently living in Berlin, Germany. A passion for Social Design, Meg's playful visuals and love for doing good challenges our design to be more self aware of the impact we are having, small and big. Collaborator on Pleasure Education and The Impossible Trial 
(Website coming soon :] )
Ian Nabong
Ian Nabong has graduated from Kingston Uni and based in London. Collaborator on Thwack! and The Impossible Trial, Ian's work ethic is second to none. His challenging to visual aesthetics makes him a visual stand out.
Kate Fagan and Katie Richardson
Kate Fagan (left) is currently based in Krakow, Poland. Katie Richardson (centre) is currently based in Barcelona, Spain. Lovers of ideas, Kate and Katie know how to bring a lighter and funner side to design in their practice. Although, as you can see in this picture, they mean serious business! Collaborators on the 3 Minute Wonder project.
(Kate Fagan coming soon)

(Also in this iconic picture is Tilda Rawls (right). Due to this she gets a special shout out.)
George Harrild
George Harrild is currently based in London. A keen interest in Advertising, George's strengths land in copy-writing and strategic thinking. Collaborator on The Grand Petition.
(Website coming soon)
Thank you to my other collaborators Joe, Niko, Paulius, Harriet, Scarlet, JJ, Ieuan and Jay.
Also thank you to people who I didn't work with but was always talking to about projects (Lucy Gregory, Calum Rigden and Lizzy Wright).
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