with George Harrild
In 2018, the government put on hold plans to allow Grandparents to uptake Shared Parental Leave, which is currently on used by 2% of eligible parents. We conceptualised a petition to deliver to government for people to show their support for Grandparents to be able to join Shared Parental Leave. The petition would be signed with a memory of testimony and would be delivered physically to the government in photo albums.
RSA Student Design Awards 2019 [Commended]
The campaign would launch with a range of media, with the collection of pictures and testimonies happening through social media. People who participate by signing and sharing testimonies would receive a 'The Grand Petition' profile picture filter to help promote the movement.
We decided to conceptualise the petition to be delivered physically. We wanted the petition to be delivered with the emotional strength that the campaign had. 
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